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Why join NAMI?

NAMI supports the businesses processing meat and poultry, and their supplier partners, that sustainably nourish families around the world. When you join NAMI, you become part of the largest group of protein processors and suppliers seeking to strengthen trust in and the markets for the food we produce.

Let the NAMI community and staff help your business:

Regulatory Compliance

Navigate animal welfare, food safety, worker safety, and environment regulations, inspections, and enforcement actions.

Positive Business Environment

Advocate to federal, state, local and international decision-makers, and stakeholders on issues that impact operations.

Grow Markets

Improve sales both domestically and internationally by improving access to networks of buyers and financing.

Operational Continuity & Improvement

Increase resilience to supply chain, labor, public health, and technological challenges and capacity to take advantage of research and innovation to improve and diversify production.

Become a member today!

NAMI welcomes, packers, processors, suppliers, and affiliated organizations to join. For more information, contact us at (202) 587-4200 or email


Hear it from our members

    Jensen Meats

    As a company CEO, I think it's very important for my staff to network with the industry, and to be able to know the resources that are available to them through NAMI. I want my staff to feel they could pick up the phone and call anyone from the association in regards to any help they need, either on the QA side, regulation side, labor side. I think we have a lot of resources at NAMI to meet that need.

    Cardinal Meat Specialists
    VP Operations & Safety

    The Meat Institute's been invaluable for our little company. Just recently, we had some product detained at the border, something we couldn't move with CFI, and I called up Norm with NAMI, and within two hours stuff was moved. And so, for us, it's having that really easy access to regulatory help.


    I think, we all share similar problems, and having a voice at the NAMI table really allows us to listen, to share and to learn. What makes the Institute unique is the people. And the meat industry, the protein industry is a tough business, but really the relationships that you're able to develop, the networking that takes place within the NAMI membership.