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Why Protein PACT?

The North American Meat Institute and partners across animal protein are uniting in the Protein PACT (For the People, Animals and Climate of Tomorrow). The first-ever joint effort to accelerate the entire animal protein sector’s progress toward global sustainable development goals for healthy people, healthy animals, healthy communities, and a healthy environment.

To achieve the Protein PACT vision, NAMI members are establishing transparent baselines and benchmarks for our efforts, setting ambitious targets for continuous improvement, collecting data to verify and transparently report on progress, and launching comprehensive communications about animal protein’s unique place in sustainable, healthy diets.

90% of NAMI members' production volume is reporting on metrics to set a baseline in 2022. 100% of membership is reporting on ALL metrics in 2030
By 2025, 100% of NAMI members who handle animals will pass third-party animal transport and handling audits and all members will require all suppliers to implement mandatory employee training and follow species-specific standards for animal care.
By 2030, we will further reduce workplace injuries by 50% (2019 baseline), on top of the 75% reduction achieved from 1999 to 2019.
By 2025, working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and Feeding America, we will measure and help fill the protein gap to ensure families in need have enough high-quality protein to meet U.S. dietary guidelines.
By 2030, 100% of NAMI members will have an SBTI-approved (Science-based Target Initiative) greenhouse gas reduction target.
*These Protein PACT Commitments and related metrics were established by the Meat Institute's Members and approved by the Meat Institute's Board of Directors. Click here to view these metrics in more detail

What’s My Part?


The Meat Institute debuted metrics and targets to drive industrywide continuous improvement in the fall of 2021. Starting in July 2022, Members will be asked to make and report on public commitments in each focus area. Industry-wide communications efforts aimed at consumers will showcase progress and the tools driving advancements.

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Meeting our ambitious goals will require advanced resources and technologies throughout the industry, and NAMI members will depend on a variety of suppliers to deliver the solutions that will help drive positive impacts including for waste reduction, greenhouse gas emissions measurement and mitigation, worker safety, animal handling, pathogen reduction, and nutrition. Many suppliers have become Protein PACT sponsors and more are welcome as the industry tackles these key issues.

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Industry Ally

NAMI is working with our allies and industry partner in a variety of ways including on Protein PACT to unite the entire animal protein value chain for the first-ever, long-term, comprehensive communications effort designed to connect with key audiences and share our industry’s commitments to healthy people, healthy animals, healthy communities and a healthy planet.

Endorse the Protein PACT here How to Support Communications


Are you conducting research that would fall under one of the five Protein PACT pillars? If so, let us know as the Meat Institute looks to develop a resource center to help our members and the broader protein industry meet their sustainability goals. We would encourage you to consider being an endorser of Protein PACT.


Through the Protein PACT, we can all work together to make the foods we love more sustainable than ever so that we may continue to share them for generations to come.

Thank You

Protein PACT Partners

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