NAMI is in the process of updating its current website and membership database to provide better resources and tools for our members. During this period, users will be unable to maintain their profile information or make online payments. We anticipate the new website and membership database will be live for members starting Tuesday, July 18. For questions or additional information please contact Megan McCullough at



When was NAMI founded?

NAMI was created in 2015 through the merger of the American Meat Institute and the North American Meat Association.  AMI's history dates back to Chicago in 1906 when the Institute was created in response to the passage of the Federal Meat Inspection Act.

Is my company eligible to join NAMI?

If your company is a packer or processor of animal proteins, supplies goods or services to the industry or has some involvement in the meat industry - YES, your company is eligible to join NAMI.

Can I get a list of NAMI member companies?

NAMI does not sell or rent direct contact information for its members. A list of current member companies and a searchable directory of products/services is available in the Membership section of our website. For any inquiries about the membership directory, please contact or call (202) 587-4200 and ask for the Member Services Department.

What if I need help with an inspector problem or in understanding the HACCP regulation?

The meat and poultry industry is one of the most heavily regulated U.S. industries. Therefore, NAMI members particularly value the Institute’s regulatory services. The strength of NAMI’s Regulatory Affairs team lies largely in its collective experience and education. Staffed by former regulatory and corporate officials, food science, marketing and trade experts, the Institute's regulatory team understands the industry's collective needs - and the unique needs of individual businesses. Find out more about your NAMI Team.

How can I get more information about NAMI?

The NAMI Member Services team is available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm, Eastern Daylight Time. Please call 202-587-4200.